In Our Hospital, The Antigen and PCR Test Service are Always Open

ALTHOUGH COVID-19 cases in Tulungagung Regency have decreased significantly, rapid antigen Test and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Swab Test are still mandatory requirements for several interests.

So, dr.Iskak Tulugagung Hospital is still open services of Rapid Antigen and PCR Swab Test for our’s needed.

Person in Charge of the Clinical Microbiology Installation at dr. Iskak Tulungagung Hospital, dr. Rendra Bramanthi, Sp. MK(K) said that people who want to get the test can come to the COVID-19 polyclinic which is located to the east of the hospital parking area.

“We are still open the services for people who want to do PCR and antigen swab tests,” he explained.

Rendra said that the rapid antigen and PCR swab services can be used for various of the purposes, such as requirements for traveling, requirements for using public transportation, to registration requirements for a job.

“This service can be used by the people of Tulungagung and surrounding areas. The conditions are relatively easy, just bring your e-ktp and come to the polyclinic as usual,” he explained.

Regarding to the cost, it has been adjusted according to regulations from the Ministry of Health, which is Rp 99.000 for the antigen swab, while for the PCR swab it is Rp 250.000.

“For opening hours, follow the polyclinic services as usual. 07.00 to 10.00 for registration,” he added. For the results of the test, said Rendra, the public can also access them directly through the emergency button application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. In addition to the general public, screening by taking PCR swabs is also still applied to patients who enter the hospital. (PKRS/AAP/BEL)

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