Internal Medicine Poly of dr. Iskak Hospital Is Now Led by 4 Internist

ESTABLISHED and officially formed since 1986, The Internal Medicine Poly of dr. Iskak Tulungagung Hospital is now led by four Internist with qualified expertise. One of them even has an additional capacity as a consultant to gastro hepatology.

The Areas of expertise that specifically deal with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract such as the stomach, pancreas, liver, bile, intestines, and rectum.

The four internist in question are; dr. Moh. Jasin Jahja, Sp.PD, dr. Rina Melinda, Sp.PD, dr. Yohana Sahara, Sp.PD, and dr. Nuraida Wisudani, Sp.PD, KGEH.

The high number of patient visits at the Internal Medicine Poly, both in the regular polyclinic and the executive polyclinic, is the reason for the management of dr. Iskak hospital to strengthen the “squad” in this poly.

In addition to the four Internist, Internal Medicine Poly is also supported by four skilled and dexterous nurses.

“The services at this poly are mainly related to complaints of internal organs and also gastro entero hepatic or related to gastrointestinal disorders,” explained the Person in Charge of Internal Medicine Poly at dr. Iskak Tulungagung Hospital, Siti Nurkabibah, S.Kep.Ners.

In this poly, the patient can consult about the complaints of the internal organs he is experiencing. In addition, patients can also do follow-up examinations if they feel they are needed.

Patients visiting at the Internal Medicine Poly of dr. Iskak Hospital is diverse, from young age to adulthood.

They are generally patients who do need an examination related to their health condition related to the internal organs.

“In addition to regular visiting patients, there are also patients who come from referrals from other polys, private hospitals, health centers and so on.

The polyclinic adjacent to the Lung Poly and Nerve Poly, every day serves 70-80 patients who are dominated by Indonesian Health Card (Indonesia:BPJS) users.

Even so, there are also general patients who seek treatment in the Internal Medicine Poly.

Bibah added that the examination of each patient takes an unequal time. It adjusts the condition experienced by the patient.

The services provided at the Internal Medicine Poly include examinations of patients with diabetes, digestive tract disorders, and disorders related to other internal organs.

“All the types of examinations in this poly, if you need supporting actions or referrals to other hospitals, we will do it according to the condition experienced by the patient,” he said.

Bibah continued that in providing services, his party is guided by the principle of serving patients happily.

That is, the medical team is preparing to treat a sick person, then as much as possible the doctor and nurse who handles it in a happy (psychological) condition.

This is important so that the person being treated also feels happy and does not feel the pain they are experiencing,” said Bibah. (HUMAS/KAR/BEL)

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